What’s the Best DVD Burning Software?

There are many review websites that mention what they believe is the best DVD Copying software. Some of what I read are actually honest commentaries. Some of that I read are opinions and not reviews at all. Makes one wonder if these reviewers actually review or even use the software themselves.

In all actuality, there are about five really good DVD software programs out there. When I say really good, I mean they do a very good job at producing great copies of your DVD movies that run well when you play them back in your home entertainment DVD player.

Out of the five there are only two that stand out: 1Click DVD Copy 5 and it’s big sister 1Click DVD Copy Pro. Why do I say this?

It is because the company – LG Software Innovations – has a longer development history than all of their competitors. This is a statistic that is often overlooked when purchasing this type of software. Why is that?

Because longer software development histories mean a greater time interval exists for refining and perfecting the product in working out the bugs; so that in the end, a superior and stable product is produced. In other words, the product has gone through the wringer and come out on the other side a great product.

Right from the start when either of these programs are installed, you can feel the stability and power when they are run, You feel confident that they are going to work; and work well.

My personal favorite is 1Click DVD Copy Pro. I like the additional features that it’s smaller sister does not have. These include the presets. I can elect to copy the entire movie with the extras or just the movie without the extras. I can perform a near-DVD copy or a bit-by-bit, block-by-block copy which produces and exact copy of the original movie. I can elect to copy episodic DVD movies, control the amount of compression I want (which determines the copy quality). I can include or exclude subtitles; and I can choose to copy onto a regular DVD-5 or larger DVD-9 format.

These products can produce near-DVD quality or exact DVD quality but is a much simpler program to use. You basically insert the original DVD movie, click a button and let it copy it do a blank DVD. You have a few options to manipulate, but for the most part it is a program for those who simply want to copy a DVD movie to a blank DVD (or to your PC hard drive) not concerned about all of the stuff on the original DVD that can be excluded using 1Click DVD Copy Pro.

How can you be sure that these products are the best? Try them for yourself.

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Free DVD Burning Software – Where Can I Download Free Burning Software?

Looking for DVD burning free software? It is now possible to find this with many more attractive features and offers. There is so much you can do with CD/ DVD burning software like creating backups of files, data etc that are critical, making copies of audio, video files and photos for distribution, copying files for Blu-Ray and HD formats, copying video games to make them portable and much more.

Though the market is flooded with several different DVD burning free software products, there are some typical drawbacks that many of them have. Many of these software products are not latest versions, they do not have any periodic updates done, they are very complex to download and set up and do not offer any kind of tech support.

You however have the chance for getting hold of DVD burning free software that boast of high quality and usability from a couple of websites dedicated just for this.

The top features that make them attractive to users include the following:

  • Users can make and edit videos, music and pictures
  • They can enjoy all kinds of multi media files by converting them
  • They can backup television programs in high definition format
  • Users can rip plus burn CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs and Blu-Rays
  • Users can backup their important data for archival and protection
  • They always get software that is the official latest version
  • Automatic and free updates are immediately available to all users
  • Downloads are super fast
  • Downloaded software can be installed quickly and easily
  • Award winning products are featured here for downloading
  • Customer support is given 24 * 7
  • There are step-by-step instructions to guide users during the download process
  • The interface in the sites is easy to use and users can downloading procedure is straight forward without unnecessary complications

It is now possible for you to create your own versions of remix music, new videos and more to share with friends. A feature laden software with a great user interface and very simple to use is now available that makes it possible even for novices to achieve professional levels in burning high quality CDs and DVDs. You can make new sound tracks, edit movies by cutting and pasting videos from many places and keep your data safe and secure. Find and download DVD burning free software from the link shown below.