Best DVD Burner Software: The Features You Need

When it comes to DVD software you are going to want to know how to get the very best of everything from picture quality to the reliability of the playback. There are going to be a few things that are important to look for when choosing the best DVD burner software so you can ensure that you are getting the best.

Most computers today come with some sort of DVD burning software installed right out of the box and a pretty decent burner. For basic back up of files and burning movies that are already on your computer these are fine. And there a number of free programs that you can download as well. But, the reason for needing a top notch DVD software depends on the user and the need for it.

Aside for wanting it to be very easy for you to use, and not require you to take a course in computer programming to figure it out, there are other things to look for like record and playback speed and integrated CSS decryption.

Naturally the most important thing will be the overall picture quality, but there are things that attribute to that. The one feature that all of the high quality DVD software has is CSS decryption. This is the thing that allows the copying of DVDs that have been encrypted. Most of the new DVDs on the market cannot be copied because of this type of protection. One type of technology that allows for the copying of encrypted DVDs that is available is called SmartAnalyzer. Only one software program offers this technology. The other programs that don’t may have a problem when it comes to copying certain DVDs.

You may also want to have the ability to record different episodes of your favorite programs or create a series of your own that runs in the episode format. You will need to have a DVD software program that have Episodic Support. With this feature, the DVD will be able to recognize each different show and burn them all at once just like they are on the original source.

If you are into making backups of your video games there are very few DVD software programs out there that have this ability. Also, there is the function of Dual Layer Support. If you have a Dual Layer DVDs, this function allows for the burning of both sides of the DVD.

Depending on what is you are doing, whether it is backing up files, copying video games or the latest movies, the best DVD burner software that you choose is going to make the difference. There are many features that you are going to want beside it just being easy to use. So, take your time and shop around, there many choices that are available.